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Automakers around the world are striving to design vehicles that don’t harm the ecosystem. But many fuel-powered vehicles produce substances that are harmful to human health and the environment. That’s why they are equipped with a catalyst to recycle the gases and make them cleaner. This part can break down over the years, and if you want, you can sell it even if it doesn’t work. The price of catalytic converters — AutoCatalystMarket is calculated based on the condition of the part and the presence of precious metals.

Signs of catalyst malfunction

The catalytic converter is located under the vehicle and does not start working until it has reached a temperature of 300°C. There are situations when it needs to be replaced after mechanical damage or in case of corrosion and rust. Detecting malfunctions is quite easy, because the car itself notifies about them. When the catalytic converter is malfunctioning, the following signs appear:

dynamic performance deteriorates;

rough idling;

characteristic knocking and rattling noises.

It should be noted that these parts cannot be repaired. In the event of a malfunction, they can only be replaced with new ones.

How to check the catalytic converter

At the first sign of trouble, you should check the catalytic converter to correct the problem. There are several ways to verify:

Dismantling and visual examination;

Pressure measurement using a manometer.

Using an engine tester.

These simple actions can be performed not only by specialists in the auto repair shop . This process does not require any special knowledge. These efforts may be necessary only when the catalyst is stuck to adjacent parts and needs to be cut using an angle grinder.

Why does the catalytic converter fail

There are many reasons why this part can fail. It could be a blow, since the part is located in the bottom of the vehicle. But also, over time, the metal can burn and form holes in the catalytic converter. The manufacturers of this part indicate that the service life is 100-150 thousand kilometers. This part is often spoiled by poor quality fuel. In any case, if the catalytic converter is broken, it must be replaced as soon as possible.

How to replace the catalytic converter at home

There is no need to rush to the garage in the event of a malfunction of the catalytic converter . For those who know how to use an angle grinder and a welder, this procedure will not be difficult. To start, you can try to remove it with a spanner. If the part does not yield, it must be cut out. In rare cases, a welding machine is needed to attach the catalyst to other parts of the exhaust system.

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