How to change a tire

Bursting, deflation, malice… The causes of a puncture can be multiple. But no motorist is immune to this inconvenience. This type of hazard can occur anywhere and anytime. If you are faced with a flat tire, here are the right things to do and the tools to use to change your damaged wheel.

Flat tire, safety first

When you realize that a tire is flat, the first thing to do is to stop driving the vehicle. In fact, continuing to drive with a flat, damaged tire puts your safety at risk. Also, the wheel might no longer be repairable or you might end up damaging the rim. Park on the side of the road or the hard shoulder, a flat surface preferably. Then engage a gear and firmly apply the handbrake. Put on your fluorescent vest and exit on the right side and pass your passengers behind the security barrier if it is present. Install your warning triangle between 50 and 100 meters from the vehicle so that other motorists can spot you as quickly as possible.

Prepare the materials needed to change your wheel

To successfully replace a flat tire without the help of a breakdown service or car towing like , it is imperative to have a minimum of mechanical knowledge as well only a spare wheel in good condition and all the materials needed to change the damaged tyre. These are usually found in the trunk. Thus, take out the spare wheel, the jack and the wheelbrace, often in the shape of a cross. A flashlight may also be necessary if you die in the middle of the night. Some equipped vehicles have wheels equipped with anti-theft nuts. It will be necessary to bring the adapter to be able to remove the wheel.

Change the wheel

Once you are safe and have all the necessary equipment, you can start the tire change. Start by removing the hubcap. Then loosen the wheel bolts that hold the wheel counterclockwise. Then put the jack on the specific point of the underbody and start to gently lift the car 10 or 15 centimeters from the ground. Then, remove the bolts you loosened and remove the wheel with the flat tire to install the spare tire. Replace the nuts manually in their place and tighten them carefully with the cross key. Lower the car then release the jack. Take your wrench tight the bolts very firmly. And here you are, you can get back on the road.

However, if after a few checks, you do not have the necessary equipment or changing your damaged wheel seems too complicated for you, it is necessary to call in a professional. In general, by using a breakdown service, it will be possible to repair on the spot and thus avoid car towing costs .

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