windshield in winter


When winter returns, it is common for frost or fog to form on the windshield, especially if your car is sleeping outside. Follow these few simple tips to effectively defrost your windshield and hit the road in the best possible conditions!

Anticipate the formation of ice on your windshield

The easiest way to prevent frost from depositing on your windshield is probably to protect your car the night before. This can be achieved by placing a protective frost blanket or tarp. There are all kinds in specialty stores or online car accessories. Some are fixed with hooks, others are caught in the front door latches. Failing this, simply lay down a large piece of cardboard, a thick sheet, newspaper, in short, anything that can prevent the formation of frost on the windshield. Make sure beforehand to put a cork between the windscreen and the wiper blades so that the rubbers of the latter do not remain stuck to the glass.

Avoid boiling water to remove the frost

When low temperatures cause frost to form on vehicles, it’s usually tempting to turn on the car’s heater to maximum power or pour hot water directly onto the windshield. However, this technique should be avoided. Certainly, the frost will melt, but will reform as soon as the temperatures drop. On the other hand, pouring hot water on frosted windows can damage the latter. Too great a temperature difference can cause a thermal shock and crack the windshield, especially if an impact is already present, this risks enlarging it. To avoid the costs of a windshield repair or replacementIt is better to start the car a few minutes before leaving and set the heating to “cold” mode for more gradual defrosting. Besides that, you can scratch the windshield. However, avoid any metal object under penalty of scratching the glass, prefer scrapers specially designed for this purpose, made of plastic, and if possible with a glove or a protective sleeve. Avoid any metal object as this may scratch the glass. It is also advisable to also use an aerosol of anti-icing product, very effective, which will save you time.

Try some natural tricks to defrost your windshield

Natural methods also exist to remove frost from your windshield. One of them is to mix two parts white vinegar to one part water in a spray bottle, before spraying the windows of your vehicle. This should allow you to avoid frost and the formation of frost on your windows for a few weeks. The use of coarse salt is also another effective method against frost. To do this, put coarse salt in a microfiber towel, cloth or sock on the windshield. The latter will apply a thin film to the windshield which will prevent the frost from adhering to the windshield. However, avoid putting it on the joints or on the paint, because the mixture is corrosive.

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