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When you have something in your possession, it is necessary that you maintain it. Whether we’re talking about a huge house or a paperback, it needs maintenance. When we come to an unmaintained car, it also comes with certain risks that can cause problems over time. Maintaining your car is not a daunting task; you can even do it yourself. This blog will give you a clear overview and tips on how to maintain a car and also show you the main benefits and importance of car maintenance.

Check and change engine oil

The engine is an automotive partcore or said that a car core includes many other metal components. These metal parts move together, create friction and generate heat. This friction and heat generation halts the performance of the car. For the engine to run efficiently and effectively, all components must be lubricated with engine oil. Now one may wonder how to check and change engine oil, it is quite simple to do. To check the engine oil, a clean dipstick is needed, which also identifies the oil level and its color. If the color of the oil is dark, it means it is contaminated by heat. Now you need to change it. For easier transport, use a manual pallet truck.Make sure your car sits on a flat or level surface. Drain the old engine oil and refill as much as described in the car owner’s manual. After changing the engine oil, start your car for a few minutes to keep the oil circulating throughout the engine.

Maintain radiator coolant level

As the engine needs care, so does the radiator. The radiator plays a first line role, it generally keeps all the components cool and in particular the engine. Because the constant running of an engine makes it extremely hot, the radiator absorbs heat from the coolant and cools the engine. It is mandatory to check the coolant level before starting a workout. Radiator coolant also prevents rust freezing and engine stalling. When it comes to transport, choose a hand pallet truck. If there is a low amount of coolant in the tank, there is a risk of the car overheating because the hot air will not evaporate. It is recommended to check and refill the coolant frequently according to the instructions given in the owner’s manual.

Brake inspection

Although the braking system is not that important, it does come into play in a life or death situation. It must be “felt” and cared for routinely. I used the word “felt” here because you can only feel a bad brake system if you are alert enough while driving. The telltale signs of brake deterioration are heavy vibration, unusual pulling, a shrill noise, and paddles becoming soft and even too hard to push. Brakes require regular maintenance to avoid inconvenience and danger. You must remove all wheels and inspect the system to make decisions about replacing damaged brake pads, drums, rotors, or pistons.

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