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Available in different models and diversified according to the options, the Fat Bikes are ready to conquer you and will force you to change your mind!

If you’ve walked through a mall or sporting goods store recently, you’ll definitely have noticed the “big” new product. In the already varied panorama of two wheels, between classic City Bikes and compact electric folding bikes, electric Fat Bikes have also appeared. Also called the Fatties, they have a super sporty aesthetic, sturdy frames and unusual performance.

What is a Fat Bike?

We have just described them as the novelty of the moment, but the first Fat Bike prototypes date back to 1900. An exciting journey, told in an equally exciting book (Three wheels for Timbuktu ), is that made in 1986 by a Fat Bike and by Jean Naud across the Sahara. French engineer and cycling enthusiast, Naud decided to ride the dunes of the famous desert alone, but doing it with the bicycles of the time would have been an almost impossible task (in fact, it would also be the case with mountain bikes modern).

So Naud thought of coming up with an innovative idea to France’s leading tire manufacturer, Michelin.Making larger wheels and tires would mean a bigger contact surface with the ground and allow it to have excellent friction even on the soft surface. of the Sahara. The potential of this proposal was well received, the prototype was produced and the trip was a real success.

Since that time, bicycles have spread, and they have gradually improved, thanks to the practical and theoretical contribution of amateur cyclists, professional sportsmen, explorers and lovers of adventure who, through tests and experiments, have helped to increase the stability and quality of performance of this kind of bike. For nearly 30 years Fat Bikes remained literally hand-built and welded, just for the use of a few enthusiasts. Surly decided to believe in the importance of the project and created the first (and rather graceful) electric bicycle dedicated to the general public: the Pugsley.

No one had yet decided to produce them on a large scale, until 2005, when American Surly decided to believe in the importance of the project and created the first (and rather graceful) bicycle dedicated to the general public: the Pugsley. The potential of this vehicle immediately conquers the hearts of riders and manufacturers around the world, and they rush to create their top model and all possible outfits.

In 2014, it is the final consecration to the general public. During the Eurobike in Friedrichshafen (Germany), a number of new models with big wheels are presented and the “Fat Bike Mania” spreads all over the world. Trophies, sports competitions and exhibitions reserved for Fat Bikes are now part of the annual calendar of events most followed by fans of the genre. Currently, in the international market, the biggest and most reliable Fat Bike manufacturers are: Surley (also present among the main tire manufacturers), Salsa, Norco, Ritchey, Maxx, KTM, Felt, Centurion, Atala, Bottecchia, Canyon and Trek.

What is a racing bike used for?

Thanks to their over 3.5″ tires, hollow over 2.6″ (44 mm) rims and reduced internal pressure (from 5 to 10 psi), these bikes are currently the only two-wheeled vehicle wheels capable of overcoming obstacles and easily tackling not only sand, but also ice, snow, gravel, mud, swamps and all the most extreme terrains, which were once passable only on board big 4 ×4. The principle is exactly that of traditional snowshoes.

Valid also on urban terrain, often difficult and dangerous, the Fat Bikes not only offer greater friction on the ground, but also greater stability, allowing even the less accustomed cyclist to live their adventure without limits. On the other hand, precisely because of the high friction on the ground, these bikes are not the best choice for sprint lovers or for those who are rather weak in the legs.

Do you think fat bikes are very heavy?

Don’t worry, it’s just an optical illusion. The big tires contain only air and the total weight of the bikes is around 15 kg for those with an aluminum structure or less than 10 kg for those made of carbon. Of course, classic models and heavier steel models are also available.

Do Big Bike sizes and prices go hand in hand?

As for the less expensive models, like an example from MOMA Bikes, the price starts at €329.92. A price quite similar to the price of a traditional mountain bike. But when the level of passion increases, the price also increases because a fat bike can cost up to 3,500 euros!

Big Bikes are the ready answer for all lovers of extreme travel in nature, but also the way that was missing to satisfy what is the real trend of these years: a more active, healthier and more ecological life. What could be better than appreciating all the elements of nature up close, without polluting, and at the same time strengthening the muscular and cardiovascular system? That’s what a Big Bike is, it’s a possibility open to everyone: to real sportsmen and to beginners in cycling.

Which Fat Bike Should I Buy?

But how do you choose the fat bike model that best suits your needs? The main criterion is the same principle that should always guide you in choosing any type of bike: the size must be adequate. Pedaling an oversized or undersized bike is like walking in shoes you bought by mistake. It’s technically possible, but if the effort increases, then the pleasure decreases. So let’s go over the ground rules together.

If you buy a bike that allows a large number of adjustments, you will first have to take all your measurements or anthropometric measurements, ranging from the length of the arms to that of the femur, from the length of the bust to that of the crotch. . If you are buying a bike with fewer settings, the last two measurements will be the most important.

By using an online calculator or directly the indications provided by the manufacturer of the bike you have chosen, you will be able to buy the perfect bike, even without having the possibility of trying it. Online sizes are also available for boys and girls.

If this is your first experience and you don’t know which Fat Bike to buy, opt for a complete model and it will undoubtedly be the best and cheapest option. But know that as soon as you have enjoyed the sensations that this bike will give you, you will immediately want to buy other accessories.

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