VTC services

In the transport sector, the VTC is a real revolution that offers personalized services. Follow in this article the particularities of the VTC. 

What is a VTC?

To begin, we must first know the VTC . It is a transport vehicle with driver. These offer the same services as taxis, but with other particularities. 

Moving from point A to point B, VTCs have no distinctive sign. They are therefore less well identified than taxis. But that’s not all !

In terms of price, comfort and how to order them, VTCs are distinguished by high-end services. In order to ensure your complete satisfaction, the VTC in Massy takes care of all your trips.

Price known in advance from your reservation

The VTC is only accessible via an internet or telephone reservation. Indeed, that of taxis is regulated and set annually by prefectural decree. It is therefore impossible for the customer to know in advance the amount of his trip.

For the VTC, the pricing is free. It varies, in fact, depending on the distance traveled as well as the duration of the trajectory. This method then allows the customer to know the amount to be paid when booking a VTC in Massy as at https://www.mbcabservices.fr/ . 

A high quality and tailor-made service

In VTC services, the customer is king. Booking a VTC in Massy is the guarantee of having a vehicle for sure. 

On board, comfort is assured. You can, in fact, enjoy a bottle of mineral water, recent newspapers or even small snacks. To the delight of customers, the cars can contain from 4 to 9 seats. So this solution is excellent for group travel. 

Allowing you to travel discreetly, they often use GPS to get an idea of ​​the traffic. Therefore, the drivers easily adapt their route in order to save you time. 

Services available 24/7

Because your satisfaction is our priority, you can have a service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For your quote requests, book your car online. In addition, you can request additional information by phone or email. 

With just a few clicks, all you have to do is fill out a reservation form at any time. Therefore, you get an immediate quote for your possible trip. While having clear and transparent pricing, you can travel with complete peace of mind. 

In addition, you can pay either by credit card, PayPal or American Express. This can only improve your comfort and make things easier for you. In addition, another point that promotes your safety is that the driver must have a clean criminal record for certain offenses. This allows you to travel in complete peace of mind without any risk and in complete safety. 

Available services and guaranteed comfort, the VTC can only improve your well-being in total luxury. Do

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