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The word “automotive” refers to both two-wheelers and four-wheelers. However, here we will focus on cars. The passion for cars and mechanics drives fanatics to make modifications to their engine. The goal is to gain power. To do this, one must have enough in-depth knowledge on the subject. In some cases, it is better to hire a professional.

How to improve the performance of an engine?

Gaining engine power is often the first concern of car enthusiasts. Only then comes the external design. For enthusiasts, there is no point in having a beautiful car that has nothing in it. Thus, to improve the performance of the engine, several modifications are necessary. Concerning the engines equipped with a carburettor, one simply adds a turbo. To go further, we also include a wedding gas bottle. Turbo and noce are kits that bring radical changes. However, it is also possible to change the engine outright by opting for a larger or sportier model.

As far as injection system engines are concerned, it is not necessary to add kits or change the engine. To gain power, it is then sufficient to change the operating parameters of the engine via computer technology. As for Auto Diagnostic System, simply connect the engine to a computer and change the engine speed to increase its power. Small note, by increasing engine power, fuel consumption will also be higher. However, the reverse process can reduce fuel consumption. Indeed, it is possible to reduce the flow of gasoline which passes through the fuel distributor. However, the engine also loses power. Good to know, the weight of the car also affects its power. Currently, most racing cars have a carbon body. Which makes them lighter.

Why do you need to call in a specialist?

Anything related to engine modifications should be handled by a specialist, unless you are one yourself. For some tasks, like adding a turbo, some people can still get away with it. On the other hand, to add a bottle of gas at the wedding, to adjust an injection system or to redo the bodywork, you need an expert. The reason is simple: there is a high risk of damaging your car .

The incompetence of the owner of the vehicle can damage it. For example, an incorrectly installed wedding creates an explosion when it is used. Regarding the engine-injection, if it is not of high quality, this supply device seriously harms the engine. However, there is a limit to adding power when making a modification. The engine has its limits. It’s like overlocking a computer processor. We damage the material when we push it to the limit. Then, as each brand is often one of a kind, you have to turn to the right mechanic. For example, if you have a Mercedes, you must contact a Mercedes reprogramming specialist

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